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electronic music

1. crossing the velebit (9:35)

velebit is the largest mountain range in croatia. you have to cross it to enter dalmatia.

2. bora is coming (14:37)

the changeable bora can often be felt all over dalmatia. It blows in gusts.

3. lipe ruke (6:42)

in dalmatian dialect this means „beautiful hands“.

4. hvar (14:01)

an island located off the dalmatian coast.

5. pausenmusik (4:33)

you have to use the ferry to get back from hvar.

6. moja dalmatia (14:41)

this one is a love song.



the dalmatian tapes (2010)

basic tracks recorded between 2003-2007 with a diy modular synthesizer on various locations in croatia. field recordings for track 4 and track 6 recorded with a dictaphone on hvar. thanks to floyd for the keyboard on track 2. thanks to matthias for the french horn on track 4. overdubs and editing at the „landebahn studio“ stuttgart, germany. mastered by niko. cover layout by mirella.




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