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electronic music

my machines - details suitcase #1

first row:  8 channel analog sequenzer (mfos) / trigger divider (myself) / voltage quantizer (mfos) / matrix mixer 5x5 (cgs) / 2x stomp box adapter (cgs) / 2x stereo panner with vc panning rate (mfos) / headphone amp (myself)

second row: noise cornucopia with mods (mfos) / vco and vc-lfo (mfos) / 2x vco4 + waveshaper vco3 (rene schmitz) / band pass filter (cgs) / moog filter clone (rene schmitz) / korg ms20 filter clone (rene schmitz) / vcf four pole 24db/octave with vc resonance (mfos)

third row: s&h with vc-clock (mfos) / ½ dual log/linear vca (mfos) / adsr envelope generator (rene schmitz) / chime simulator (cgs) / 2x vca (rene schmitz) / 2x adsr envelope generator (mfos) / ray’s cool new lfo (mfos) / super simple dual sine, triangle, and square wave lfo (mfos) / dual 4 channel dc mixer (cgs) / super psycho modulation source (cgs)

inside: +/- 15v power supply (cgs) with mods to +/- 12v for the digital modules / +/- 12v power supply (myself) for the analog modules / boss dd6