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electronic music

my machines - miscellaneous

my trusty phillips organ. found it in the trash on the street, repaired it and modified it so i am able to play 1v/octave via the mfos keyboard controller. on top you can see the keyboard controller and the cgs one octave keyboard with its red knobs. this one is perfect to play the sequences. actually i built two of them. the big one on top is of course the suitcase #2.


details suitcase 2

the „black box“. don’t use it very often, but i like the look of it and in it is the first filter i’ve ever built, the ms-20 clone by rene schmitz, one of the best filter i’ve ever tried. kept it in a kind of nostalgic mood. the modules: psycho lfo with mods (cgs) / ms-20 filter clone (rene schmitz) / envelope follower (diy guitar effect by r.g.keen) / vca (diy guitar effect by r.g.keen) / lfo (mfos)

the sine generators out of the „sound schaltungen“ book. still in their old case, my oldest modules and i still love them. perfect to build up drones, nice sounding and really stable over hours and hours.