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electronic music

earth mantra

darrell burgan’s legendary netlabel. discover lots of downloadable and freely available ambient music. go visit this side and use your broadband well!

goldtimers tapes

order wonderful music on tape from this chicago based label. daniel querfeld and his team do a great job over there releasing music once heard you will never forget. and wonderful artwork on the j-cards too. so go there and plunder your paypal account, now!

cosmic winnetou

awesome sounds for the little indian in you.

get all of them cassettes, you won’t regret it. witchdoctor’s promise.

sicsic tapes

one of the best tape labels around. period.


pure analog sounds, recorded strictly onto tape. jason e. anderson is head of it, „we aim not to create commodities, but to enliven a folk mentality... where art is circulated as gift“ he writes on his webpage. nothing more to say here, this quote is just perfect.

constellation tatsu

steven ramsey releases just must have sounds on obsolete formats. visit his site, order few issues and you just want more. Magic!

seconds records

micka perez is just an amazing guy. doing wonderful music as sunny dunes and sylvia monnier besides being an crafted artist. now he even runs a wonderful tapelabel, and have a look at his lovely designed releases. just amazing.

sacred phrases

adam does a wonderful job releasing tapes with wonderful music and amazing artwork. visit his side and buy all of them. they will be played on endless repeat, promise.


andrew is not only a label boss, he is the curator of some of the world’s finest music.

go to his side and you will learn.


these guys make wonderful space music. go to their sites and be spellbound.


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