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electronic music

1. presentation one (9:53)

electric organ, phaser & modular synthesizer

2. presentation two (5:16)

electric organ, tape loop & modular synthesizer

3. presentation three (7:54)

electric organ & modular synthesizer

4. presentation four (12:15)

electric organ, tape echo & modular synthesizer

5. presentation five (3:21)

spring reverb, phaser & modular synthesizer

6. presentation six (8:09)

electric organ & modular synthesizer




organ studies (2013)

“the night sky blossoms with beams distant, familiar-arcing between islanded hubs. fleeting bridges form and resonate hope with memories of hope. silence made nocturnal shuttering.” (steven ramsey)

recorded winter 2012 using modular synthesizer and electric organ.

mastered by niko. artwork by steven ramsey.

released in march 2013.



Released by: constellation tatsu