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electronic music

1. games at the creek

2. the meadow at summernights

3. sunday morning cake

4. treehut vision


recorded spring 2013 in stuttgart/germany with a diy modular synthesizer. mastered by niko. inspired by childhood memories and jack kerouac's "visions" novels. "the world of raging action and folly and also of gentle sweetness seen through the keyhole of my eye."


treehut visions (2013)

“may the complex rhythms, supported by its troughs and troches, mend what you’re missing. it gives another half of what you need. gently, breezy, slightly elevated, languid, nonchalant, with you. for you.”


pro-dubbed, limited edition of 100.

digitalcopy included with tape purchase.

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video for games at the creek:


released in april 2014.


re-released in juni 2016, still available at sacred phrases