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electronic music

1. feuersee (6:48)

one of my favourite places in stuttgart. busy and romantic, sweet and dirty as well.

2. backyard memories (12:37)

children love to play in my backyard, bringing back my own childhood. asking myself with roedelius “gibt es sie wirklich die zeit, die zerstörende?“

3. westside, 4am (5:49)

open the window in a sleepless night. feel that emptiness inside.

4. schwarzfahren (8:45)

the trains in stuttgart are always in time but very expensive.

5. schwabtunnel (14:32)

connects the west with the southside. very old and with strange resonances, love it.

6. sonett (4:08)

a short poem at the end. it’s about my itchy feet.




the urban tapes (2012)

all tracks recorded live onto two track between march and may 2011 with a diy modular synthesizer in my room in stuttgart/germany. guest appearance from my trusty philicorda organ on track 1. field recordings for track 2 and 3 done out of my kitchen window. mastered by jochen stegmeier.


released by goldtimers tapes